APP: Man at the Helm

“We are continually in search of new, non-traditional markets for Filipino labor and at the same time strengthening our present niches. This is how we respond to the changes and move forward,” Palmiery says.

Concorde International Human Resource Corporation was founded on the clear vision, strength of character, and sheer courage of Alfredo P. Palmiery, the President of the Corporation.

He is a former official of the Bureau of Employment Services, forerunner of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and is one of the pioneers of the Philippines’ manpower export program.

He is an experienced manager and enterprising advocate of human resources development, and possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in labor management and labor policy formulation.

As an acknowledged and respected leader in the manpower export industry, Palmiery presides as Chairman of the Federated Associations of Manpower Exporters, Inc. (FAME), the Philippines’s leading and largest umbrella organization of overseas manpower agency associations.

He is also President of the Society of Hong Kong Accredited Recruiters of the Philippines (SHARP); and Chairman of the Philippine Association of Recruitment Agencies Deploying Artists (PARADA) and the Manpower Agencies for Malaysia Association, Inc. (MAMA), respectively.

Alfredo P. Palmiery

the President of the Corporation

40 years experience