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For immediate concerns regarding your employment,

Please call our Welfare Officer, Amie Quintana, at +632.889.4937.  You may also email her directly at

From our expert team
  • Makati
    63.2.889.4937 | 63.2.844.6683
  • Iloilo
  • Pangasinan
  • Davao
To visiting our Office
  • Makati – Head Office
    2nd Floor APP Building, 2584 A. Bonifacio St., Bangkal, Makati City
  • Iloilo
    2nd Floor San Jose Bldg, Guanco St., Ilo-ilo City
  • Pangasinan
    3F Ragtime 2010 Bldg., #6 Perez Blvd., Dagupan City
  • Davao
    Unit 6 GGO DMP Bldg., JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

This section is only intended to receive true, and valid complaints and/or concerns from jobseekers and existing clients of Concorde.

All complaints will be treated fairly, subject to further investigation.

If you are a job seeker finding a new job please go directly to the job seekers page..

If you are a new client,  please complete the manpower request form to the employers page. .

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