OFWs fear long lines at airport for refund of terminal fee

The recruitment sector has called on the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to come out with new scheme which will apply the terminal fee exemption of overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s) upon the purchase of their plane tickets for abroad.

In a letter submitted to MIAA last Wednesday, Federation of Associations of Manpower Exporters Inc. (FEDAMANEX) president Alfredo Palmiery, said this will prevent long lines in the airport of OFWs are claiming their refunded terminal fee.

He said MIAA could replicate the system used by airline companies to exempt OFWs from paying their travel tax.

“They require the presentation of the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) overseas exit clearance (OEC) before issuing the tickets for the OFWs to exempt them from the Travel tax… the same could be applied for the exemption for the Terminal fee,” Palmiery said.

He said MIAA could also establish a monitoring system to ensure airline companies will provide the terminal fee exemption only to documented OFWs.

“A post audit or reporting system from the airline companies may be conducted… to ensure that there would be no abuse on the said exemptions,” Palmiery said.

“A system link up with POEA may also be installed to ensure that those OFWs to be exempted are really processed and issued OEC by the POEA,” he added.

FEDAMANEX issued the proposal after the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) signed an agreement in which terminal fee for plane passengers will now be included in the cost of airline tickets.

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